About Bioxhale

Who we are

The Promise of Breath Testing

We are healthcare revolutionaries, intent on everyone having affordable health checks when they need them, health checks that are fast, non-invasive and convenient.

Everyone is aware of the challenges confronting our health services, aging demographics, carbon targets, and challenging health economics. Bioxhale and breath testing is part of the solution and response to rising demand and unmet needs.

We are not alone in this analysis.

  • Non-invasive means just breath out.
  • Precision medicine is the right treatment at the right time.
  • Value based health care delivers fewer hospital stays, with people remaining healthier for longer with reduced waste.

Clinical breath-testing is No. 3 in Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2021

Where we started

Our Origins

Our origins:

  • started in 2013;
  • are founded on research and development into breath-testing for respiratory disease; and,
  • developed from a sustained record of accomplishment in breathomics.
  • We are combining world class clinical and anlytical science research leadership with experiences in respiratory disease, biomarker discover, early disease detection, precision medicine, large scale clinical and project study design and leadership, envrionmental volatile organic compound monitoring, high-cost therapeutics, breath samplers, in-vitro diagnostics, in-line and offline breath analysis, and data science pipelines.
  • Our approaches and knowledge capital have been refined and tested across the world with multiple independent multidisciplinary teams within a wide range of operational environments.
  • We tested breath in emergency departments, acute-care wards, in clinics, in ambulances, and in emergency crisis scenarios.
  • We studied standardisation, asthma, COPD, cancer, heart failure, COVID-19, pesticide poisoning, radiation exposure, and chlorine exposure.
  • We developed breath-samplers, proficiency tests, panels of biomarkers, algorithms, software, work-flows and data pipe-lines.

And now we have created Bioxhale, to deliver on the promises of breath testing.

What we do

We get breath

Breath testing:

  • pushes the limits of what can be measured;
  • is a super-challenging, multi-disciplinary operation; and,
  • is all about people.

We are founded in advanced clinical practice, analytical science, data analytics and diagnostics.

Our multidisciplinary leadership team is formidable with world-class clinical, operational, commercial, scientific and leadership expertise.

What we know

Breath diagnostics’ requirements

We know, from first hand, and hard-won experience, what the patient, nurse, researcher, analyst, and investor need from their partner in breath diagnostics.

Why we know, because:

  • our diverse team is drawn from all these categories.
  • we have listened carefully to users and stakeholders all over the world.